Our new website ‘Cancer Matters’, which has been sponsored by the Wessex Cancer Alliance in collaboration with the Dorset Cancer Partnership and Macmillan Cancer Support, has been launched and provides information for cancer patients who want to know how Coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact on their lives.

Wessex Cancer Alliance brings together health, social care and other organisations to transform the diagnosis, treatment and care for cancer patients in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Dorset.

The website provides information and links to support for people who are currently living with cancer or have had cancer in the past, for those people who are worried they may have cancer, and for family, friends and carers of patients living with cancer.

There’s more to come as we develop the website further over the coming months so that we can provide more local and personalised information for cancer patients in Dorset.

Contact us: dcp@dorsetccg.nhs.uk