Patient and public involvement

Wessex Cancer Alliance recognises people affected by cancer are our partners in shaping local cancer services and support.  How people want to get involved will vary so we want to offer different ways of doing this.

Patient and Public Involvement Steering Group


Wessex Cancer Alliance (WCA), in partnership with Wessex Voices, have established a new steering group to ensure that people’s views are at the heart of decision-making.

Group members come from a range of cancer experiences and represent patients, carers and community organisations across Wessex. Through the group, they will steer the way that WCA involve people in all that they do and will collaborate with the WCA Board to improve outcomes in cancer prevention, diagnosis, survival and experience of treatment and care.


Hilary Maxwell, Interim Chair of the steering group, said:


“We’ve now formed a steering group of enthusiastic and talented members and have had our first successful group meeting. Everyone had important matters to bring about improving cancer services in Wessex, ranging from earlier diagnosis (not just faster diagnosis) to improvements in end of life care for both patients and their families.

As our group title suggests, we are very much about involving you, the patients (and families). Patients, are after all, at the heart of healthcare. Whilst there have been many challenges facing the NHS as a whole over the last two years, there is also opportunity to look at how patient-driven it has become as a service as we look at many aspects of how healthcare has been delivered previously, with renewed vigour and fresh eyes.

We plan to keep you all up to date as the group becomes more developed and to share our plans and achievements.”

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