Wessex Rapid Investigation Service

The Wessex Rapid Investigation Service (RIS) is a new service that launched in 2020. It is a virtual service for people living in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and Dorset.

If you have symptoms that are difficult to diagnose, but may suggest cancer, your GP can refer you to the rapid investigation service. The small clinical team can quickly arrange tests to make or exclude a cancer diagnosis.

If you have symptoms you are worried about, you must talk to your GP. You cannot refer yourself to the rapid investigation service.

All contact with the rapid investigation service will be by telephone, so if you are referred, please make sure your GP knows if you will need help accessing the service.

A care navigator will support you whilst you are under the care of the service as a direct point of contact and you can contact them on 0300 123 0769 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:00).

The service has different ways of supporting people who find it difficult to use the telephone. These include using a telephone translation service, using TextRelay for people who are deaf or talking to patients via a carer or advocate.

Please contact WessexRDS.admin@nhs.net if you would like to give feedback about the rapid investigation service.

In response to the first wave of feedback from the patients accessing the Rapid Investigation Service for suspected cancer, we made changes to improve patient experience and will continue to develop these moving forward.

Published: May 2021

Overall, people were impressed with the RIS – its speed and the reassuring approach of the team are key factors in this. Whilst some would prefer to be seen face to face, people appreciate phone calls allow the service to work more quickly. They also find going to tests at their local hospital convenient.

“Flabbergasted about quick from referral to results under 4 weeks. So impressed with it. The nurses that ring were so lovely.”

“Can’t fault it. My experience was really good. I wasn’t upset or concerned. All my questions were answered.”


Published: March 2021

Following interviews conducted by Wessex Voices with adults with learning disabilities, and carers of people with a learning disability, the Rapid Investigation Service has developed an action plan to develop and improve the service.

You can read the full report and the action plan using the links below.


Published: April 2021

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