Bob’s bladder cancer story

Bob wanted to share his cancer story as he felt it highlighted the importance of seeking medical advice and the benefits of early diagnosis.

Bob went to see his GP following some symptoms he thought needed to be checked out. The GP agreed she wanted his symptoms investigated further and arranged for him to have an ultrasound.

Bob then went on to have two further scans and following the third one, the specialist nurse confirmed that Bob had a growth in his bladder and that it was cancer.

Later that month, Bob had surgery to remove the growth. Through surgery, doctors discovered that the cancer was very aggressive, however not well advanced. Bob was told that if the cancer hadn’t been found at an early stage, it may have spread to other parts of his body. This only reinforces the importance of early diagnosis.

Bob then went onto receive treatment, the aim of which was to prevent the cancer returning. The treatment was regular for the first year and Bob described this as being “unpleasant and painful” a few days after each treatment session. Bob however, was adamant to complete his treatment after his nurse asked him if he wanted to continue “to me, there was no option not to” he said.

After the treatment, which lasted approximately 1 year, Bob was then asked to attend regular check-ups to monitor his bladder and check there was no recurrence. Bob has requested his check-ups are now maintained in three monthly intervals as he was not ready to wait six months in between appointments. His hospital team agreed to this and Bob continues to have three monthly examinations.

“The time from the ultrasound to surgery was only about two weeks. I thought this was amazing and a credit to the NHS and all those involved in my diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare. I consider myself to have been very fortunate”.

If you have noticed something different about your body, you know your normal and it is really important that you speak to a GP. It might not be serious but if it is cancer, catching it early can make a really big difference.

We would like to thank Bob for sharing his experience. You can watch his video here:



Read more about the symptoms of bladder cancer on the Cancer Research UK website.

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