Move Against Cancer – 5k Your Way

5k Your Way is a cancer support group with a difference. It exists to encourage those living with and beyond cancer, families, friends, and those working in cancer services to walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer at a local 5k Your Way parkrun event on the last Saturday of every month.


At each event you will be met by an ambassador at a designated meeting spot. The ambassadors are your ‘go to’ for each event and will walk or run with you if they can. If you want to stay afterwards the ambassador will gather you together for socialising over a much-needed hot drink and cake!


There are groups all over the country, and now is your chance to join an event in Dorset or Hampshire. You will need to register with 5k Your Way and Parkrun UK before taking part.

“It is such a brave, big step for those living with and beyond cancer to get in touch with us and then to turn up and walk or run parkrun. We don’t underestimate the courage this takes and our aim as a group is to make everyone feel welcome, and benefit from taking such a positive step.”

5k Your Way in Dorset


5k Your Way events have launched at five parkrun locations in Dorset: Weymouth, Dorchester, Poole, Upton and Moors Valley.

Groups meet once a month, on the last Saturday. For more details you can open the Dorset information leaflet using the button below.





5k Your Way in Hampshire


5k Your Way events are held at three parkrun locations in Hampshire: Basingstoke, Lee-on-the-Solent and Alice Holt.

Groups meet once a month, on the last Saturday.


Alice Holt


5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer is a non-medical initiative. Ambassadors cannot take responsibility for providing specialist advice or care. Please see the terms and conditions on the 5k Your Way website.

You can find details for all 5k Your Way events in Dorset and Hampshire by clicking on the link below and scrolling down to your county.

“I made my way to the funnel area and watched as everyone crossed that finishing line and create a special memory. Whilst some almost moved me to tears, others just made me smile, and I realised at that moment that 5KYW really is about doing it your way.”

“When people ask me how I am, I don’t talk about the bad stuff. I tell them I’ve started running”.

“Some of us were new to parkrun, some were seasoned veterans.  I was excited to join this initiative because of its purpose, but had to struggle with my inner doubts about engaging in a group physical activity. I always avoided jogging and running with others, feeling that I might hold them back and not be able to keep up. However, my fears were dispelled by the atmosphere of solidarity and acceptance of each others’ limits and abilities. It is not just an opportunity to be active, but one to meet others, to have a nice chat along the way, to acknowledge to oneself that the achievement is in being here, outdoors, on a Saturday morning, doing something positive and beneficial for ourselves.”

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